Hi Everyone


I’m known as ‘Sunnyclaribel’ on twitter.


Firstly, let me tell you something about my life.


I was assaulted by a paedophile when I was ten.  The last thing he said to me when leaving my bedroom were, ‘I’ll be back’.  Those words will haunt me until the day I die.  I was so terrified and my heart beating so fast, I did not know if I would live to see another day.


Being a ‘decent’ human being, I thought I’d go on twitter to stand up for defenceless kids and survivors, in the hope I could get some of them to come forward, rather than taking it to their graves as so many have done.   I’ve got nearly 4,000 followers.  Thanks to every one of them.


I was so horrified by the disgusting tweets being sent out by Barbara Hewson, who happens to be a ‘barrister’, I felt I had to comment on them. She has been allowed to run a ‘hate’ campaign against child sex abuse survivors and campaigners for a long time.  Can’t understand why Twitter Support haven’t suspended her account a long time ago.   She spends her evenings ‘tweeting and deleting’ horrendous insults. She calls people coming forward about childhood sexual abuse as ‘Mucho Whinging’.  Survivors and campaigners are the ‘lunatic fringe’.  A brilliant child sex abuse campaigner’s followers are referred to as ‘nutcases’.  She also swears at them.


Well I think ‘enough is enough’.  I won’t stand back and keep quiet, whilst a bullying paedophile apologist insults decent human beings.  We all have a ‘voice’.  Can I ask the people she is offending to please speak out and report her.


Thank you.