I’m known as ‘Sunnyclaribel’ on twitter.

Firstly, let me tell you something about my life.

I was assaulted by a paedophile when I was ten.  The last thing he said to me, when leaving my bedroom in the middle of the night, was ‘I’ll be back.  That phrase will haunt me for the rest of my life.  I was so ‘terrified’ and my heart beating so quickly, I really thought I might die of the shock.

Being a ‘decent’ human being, I thought I would go on twitter and stand up for defenceless kids and survivors.  So many kids have taken their horrors to the grave, I was hoping some people might find the courage to come forward by reading my tweets.

I was so horrified by the comments being sent out by Barbara Hewson, I felt it was my duty, as a ‘normal’ human being, to comment on them.   She has called me the ‘lunatic fringe’, ‘nutcase’ and endless childish names.  Her evenings are spent ‘tweeting and deleting’ horrendous insults to survivors and campaigners.  Appears to get a big ‘kick’ out of her ‘hate’ campaign.  Her many victims do not feel the same way.

I say ‘Enough is enough’.   Why the hell Support on Twitter have not suspended her account, I’ll never know.   Survivors/campaigners being referred to as lunatics, nutcases, liars, bandwagoners, along with many swear words, is not acceptable in a civilised society, is it.

I won’t keep quiet when I see so many decent people, who deserve ‘support’ are being spoken to in this manner.  Can everyone please find their voices now and stand up for what is ‘right’.

Thank you all.